Lose 10 Pounds Each Week – I Don’t Think So! NurseBob Rants!!!

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Lose 10 pounds of fat per week? I don’t think so!

In my previous post I pointed out that to lose 10 pounds of fat, the body needs to burn about 30,000 more calories per week than it needs to merely maintain its current weight, or about 4,285 calories per day.  Once again, I’ll indulge in some simple math, based on my own, overweight, body.  While I would love to weigh-in somewhere around 180 pounds, I’m currently 30 pounds heavier than I want, or, 210 pounds.  Given my age, height, weight and level of activity, I normally burn about 2,200 calories per day while doing nothing extra.

To lose 10 pounds in a week, I would need to burn 30,000 calories more than my daily food intake supplies.  If I ate nothing, that is, went on a starvation diet, I would burn at most 7 x 2,200 = 15,400, which is only about half of what I need to burn to attain that 10 pound goal.  (For the moment I’ll ignore how the body reacts to starvation, and also assume that all the energy my body needs would come from the extra lard I’m carrying around.)

I would have to weigh nearly 490 pounds to get to a point where my daily calorie requirement for weight maintenance would be equal to the 4,285 calories per day that a 10 pound weekly weight loss implies. Or at my current weight and starving,  I would need to walk 5-1/2 hours each and every day to attain a goal of 30,000 “excess” calories burned.

Clearly, that magazine article is mucking about with some facts, and potentially misleading its readers.  More to come in my next video!



BTW – As tempting as the date is, this is NOT an April Fool’s entry! :)

Lose 10 pounds per week???

While standing in line at the supermarket the other day I noticed one of the Women’s magazines with a bold, blaring lead story –

Lose 10 Pounds Each Week – Better Than Liposuction

Right… I’m always suspicious of these miraculous claims, especially when they have no disclaimer. I left the store with that claim stuck in my head. In fact, I went back the next day and bought the magazine so I could read the article; evaluate its claims, and report what I think. While I’ve had a chance to read, I haven’t had the time to look into the research that’s cited, nor to do my own evaluation of both the calories involved and what the diet is comprised of.  I just did a quick calculation of the numbers here:

One pound of fat tissue is approximately equal to 3,000 calories. To lose ten pounds in a week, you need to burn 30,000 more calories than your diet provides. Seems a bit much!
More tomorrow.