About NurseBob

Bob is a practicing Nurse Case Manager in Northern California. He holds a Masters in Nursing with a focus on Case Management. Prior to shifting into CM, he worked the floor (Medical-Surgical, Telemetry) and both Cardiovascular and Medical Intensive Care for several years in a metropolitan hospital. In addition to his practice, he has been both a clinical instructor for Critical Care, as well as an online instructor for Samuel Merritt University - teaching a course on Nursing Informatics. His undergraduate degree from U.C. Davis was in Bacteriology (now Microbiology). Prior to transitioning into Nursing, he was a professional software engineer for over 15 years, working for Electronic Data Systems, Del Monte Foods, and other major corporations. His area of expertise was the design and development of graphical user interfaces for enterprise database systems, as well as the design of the underlying database structure. He has experience working with multiple database management systems, as well as, numerous programming languages. His other work experience includes ownership of a small construction firm, working as a building contractor/carpenter, ownership of a portrait studio, SCUBA instructor and store manager, as well as 5+ years working in a general psychiatric hospital in Berkeley, CA while attending the University of California.